Shipmodellers' society “Argosy”

Name of the organization: Shipmodellers' society “Argosy”
Sjedište i adresa organizacije: Andrije Hebranga 83, 20000 Dubrovnik
Telefon: 020/418 992
Telefaks: 020/418 993
Web: -
Name and surname of the president/chairman: Vladimir Vanja Glavočić
Name and surname of the secretary: Mario Marčinko
Foundation year: 1997.g.
Register date: 20.01.1998.
Register number: 19000019
Registered at: Office of General Administration of Dubrovačko-Neretvanska County
Geographical area of organization’s operation: Dubrovačko – Neretvanska County
Number of members: 42

Shipmodelers' society Argosy gathers ship modelers from Dubrovnik-Neretva County, masters and beginners, in an effort to transfer their knowledge to younger. Basic goals of founding the association are: development and promotion of technical culture, especially ship modeling, studying historical wooden shipbuilding, naval shipbuilding skills and crafts, improving professional work, promoting of research in shipbuilding of old Dubrovnik, Pelješac and Korčula, encouraging and improving activities of its members in order to please their personal, common and public needs in ship modeling, working with young shipmodelers, cooperation with other associations and clubs, organizing and participating in exhibitions, and organizing seminars for ship modeling and judge training.

Shipmodelers' society Argosy has been active since 1998. Since the foundation, the members of the Society have been meeting once a week. The work of the Society is public and based on democratic principles. Media is informed about every relevant event related to the Society. They closely cooperate with the Maritime Museum in Dubrovnik and Orebić where members' work is exhibited. In the past years, the Society has a ship modeling school for primary schools and boarding schools.

In cooperation with famous historians of Dubrovnik, many public lectures about shipbuilding and ships in Dubrovnik, have been held. Several times, the society has successfully organized exhibitions of their members' work. Characteristic of these exhibitions is that they were very well attended with good reviews of visitors and the media.

Since 1997, the members of the society have been active participants in state ship modeling contests. Since then until 2005 they won 3 gold medals, 10 silver and 21 bronze medals. Also, they successfully exhibit their models at European and international exhibitions in: Gdansk, Barcelona, Monsu, Chatolineu, Vancuver, Lisabon, and Dubrovnik where they also got prizes.