Judging and evaluation

Each individual ship model was evaluated by a judging body (judges) of five members, all NAVIGA licensed experts, most of them also competent ship-modellers. Evaluation takes into account technical precision (compatibility with measurements and ship-modelling schemes), historical credibility (functional and visual precision of a model, compared to the original), model performance (in terms of craftsmanship and artistic values, skills of execution, quality and appropriateness of used materials) and general compatibility of all elements of a model (general impression). All contestants are required to document the process of building their models, regarding all necessary schemes, documents, bibliography and images, and are required to argument details of their reconstructions’ building and performance processes, if the judges make such requests. In the evaluation procedures, each model can maximally be awarded 100 points. 50 points are related to the quality of model building, 20 points to adherence to measurements of original schemes and documents, 20 points to complexity of execution and 10 points to the general impression. Cumulative amount of these elements determines ranking on the championship, i.e. gold, silver or bronze medal, as well as the absolute champion of the championship. Based on the cumulative amount of points, gold (95-100 points), silver (90-94,67 points) and bronze medals (85-89,67 points) are awarded. Judges have a very high responsibility. On one hand, they face high quality ship models, often artistic masterpieces, into which their ship-modelling colleagues have often invested years of hard and detailed work. Knowledge about the amount of work invested into the models and general aesthetic impressions can hardly leave anybody indifferent. This is exactly why many admire ship-modellers’ work and why such exhibitions raise high interest of general public. Nevertheless, judges need to overcome subjectivity. They have to present all of their knowledge, expertise and objectivity, and evaluate models according to very strict rules of championship. Each judge individually evaluates each ship model based on five criteria (afore mentioned). Their evaluations are compared at the end of championship and used to make final rankings. Allowed deviation in appointed points among all judges is maximally 5 points. If the points of any judge are lower or higher of the allowed deviation of 5 points for any particular model, additional discussions and re-evaluation of the model take place.