Basic information

Name of the organization: Croatian ship modelers' association
Short name: HSB
Organization location and address: Školjić 5d, 51000 Rijeka
Tel: 051/327 187
Fax: 051/338 531
MB: 1668102
OIB: 65682147886
Account number and the bank name: 2484008-11001598683 Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb (RBA)
IBAN: HR8724840081101598683
Chairman's name and surname: Mladen Mitić
Secretary's name and surname: Olivera Stanić

Croatian ship-modelers association was established on the 9th of November 2001. The organisation is established with a goal to support and motivate members of the community, esspecially the young, to jointly raise shipmodeling literacy and achieve better communication through educational and creative projects.

HSB's main activity is developing proposals and participating in the performance of the adopted programs of Republic Croatia's public needs in technical culture related to ship-modeling and the related technical creativity, coordination of members' participation in development of association's activities and the achievement of other common needs and interests, creating conditions for the promotion of professional work of the association's members as well as the training of professional staff members and program managers of the technique and ship-modeling through consultation, training courses, seminars and presentations.

The work of the association is coordinated and supervised by executive and supervisory board that consist of four members of the executive board and three members of the supervisory board. The association consists of 5 members – Republic Croatia's associations whose activities are directed towards the development and advancement of ship-modeling:

HSB's work program is conceived through five key programs. Programs include the training of judges and ship-modelers, organizing of contests and exhibitions (state and international), participating in international ship modeler's contests, preparing manuals, creating library of plans, books and lectures.